Costa Rica real estate lake arenal for sale

Lake Arenal Farm For Sale
3 Bedroom, Office, Garage, Guest Cottage, Workshop
2.5 Acres fully landscaped

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Lake Arenal Costa Rica

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 Imagine yourself surrounded by toucans and parrots,

butterflies, flowers, abundant water and clean air.

Above Lake Arenal in Costa Rica

is this beautiful home

with two and a half acres of peaceful solitude.

The only sounds that fill the air

are bird songs and those of your family.

The Costa Rica Lake Arenal area is always green

and filled with beautiful flowers.

arenal real estate costa rica for sale

No wonder it has become an international Mecca . . .

popular with tourists, adventurers and retirees alike.

If you are interested in Costa Rican Real Estate

at Lake Arenal,

this property is not to be missed.

arenal costa rica home for sale

Over 1500 foot covered work area with high ceiling. Work on cars, hell you could even put a school bus or two in here for repairs, or build furniture, do pottery, finish off the walls and turn into a second house.

arenal costa rica property

But wait, there's still more -- a small guest house with sleeping loft and windows all about looking onto the farm lands of Costa Rica. Real estate like this is rare, a work of love, of art.

arenal costa rica real estate

arenal costa rica fsbo

House Specifications

Construction is reinforced concrete block with exotic hardwoods used for all lumber.

Digital Phone Line (two), Internet, Cel phone service

1000 square feet inside

3 bedroom / 1 bath most interior walls of exotic hardwood — almendro


Living Room

Storage closet

Laundry room

Double car garage - enclosed and secure

arenal costa rica realty

Large covered work area/carport

Large patios on two sides and a partial on the third. This is the tropics and a great deal of time is spent out of doors.

Electrical grounded wiring system with lots of outlets.

New plumbing with extensive underground piping for irrigation and future development in place.

arenal costa rica living

The entire house is surrounded by deep French drain systems that keep all rain waters away.

The land is gently sloping and offers excellent building sites and privacy. There are at least four great locations for another house or three without giving up your privacy, or rental cabins, room for a hotel, what ever you desire.

Near the property is this wonderful river.

costa rica real estate property

The entire road front is completely hidden by hibiscus, bamboo, trees, flowers and shrubs.

There are almost one hundred banana plants which produce the most outstanding fruits, some papayas, orange trees, lemon trees, guanabana (soursop), guava, mandarin, and more, not to mention hardwoods, ornamentals and bambu.

Annual temperatures range between 68 and 88 degrees fareinheit.

Elevation approximately 1700 feet above see level here on beautiful Lake Arenal in Costa Rica.

You will witness regular stunning sunsets over lake arenal and Costa Rica mountains. And you don't have to worry about missing the sunset like in the states, because it usually lasts for at least 30 minutes.

Lake Arenal Costa Rica community water is clean and fresh and the cost never exceeds $15/month to irrigate and run the house. Mostly I spend less than $5. There is also a virgin spring, that I have used as a duck pond.

Air quality is excellent as we are surrounded by mountains, pastures and lake.

Windsurfing, fishing, boating, hiking and other outdoor activities abound. In fact, Lake Arenal Costa Rica is known as one of the top five windsurf spots in the world during Dec to April season. But don't worry, this piece of land is situated below a mountain top and does not receive the tremendous gusts that the far western edge of Lake Arenal does.

volcano arenal costa rica

Travel Times

10 minutes to the small town of Nuevo Arenal where you can do all your shopping and visit with your friends over a beer, coffee or a fine meal.

45 minutes to the world famous Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica.

90 to 120 minutes to Pacific beaches.

3.5 hours to San Jose, Costa Rica.

Take a look at a map of Costa Rica. Look for Arenal in the north west area.

And yes, foreigners can own land in Costa Rica 100%. All property is registered through the National Registry and it's title is easy to determine. Takes five minutes on the computer from the lawyers office. This property is free and clear and completely registered.

email: property @ arenalrealestate dot com

Lake Arenal Costa Rica Hotels

When you are visiting the Costa Rica Lake Arenal area, you will need to spend the night somewhere. There are inexpensive rooms available to just crash and shower and those you will find when you arrive if you ask around. However, if you like comfort, great food and wonderful people, at a fair price, then I can recommend two great hotels on Lake Arenal in Costa Rica for your stay: