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What beautiful weather we enjoy in Arenal, Costa Rica. It's never hot. Never cold. The steady rains provide clean air and water year round. A number of hotels offer accomodations from spartin to the luxury for a king. And

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Arenal Hotels

When you visit Costa Rica Lake Arenal, you will need to spend the night somewhere. There are cheap hotel rooms available without reservations. However, if you like comfort, great food and wonderful people, at a fair price, then I recommend these arenal hotels in Costa Rica for your vacation rentals:

Volcano Brewing Hotel
If you like great beer healthy food and a great atmosphere,
then the Volcano Brewing Company on Lake Arenal is for you.

Arenal Luxury Vacation Rentals

Beautiful view home overlooking lake and volcano Arenal. This luxury vacation rental provides a covered pool and jacuzzi, great food and friends, with the best views of Lake Arenal and Volcano Arenal anywhere in the area.

The First luxury vacation rental home on lake arenal and still one of the finest. Villa Encantada is near the lake shore and has it's own pond and lots of room.